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Latest Podcast: Season 3, Episode 12


Season 3, Episode 12

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Charlie Weiner is a legendary comedian and musician, known best for his classic record 12 inches of Weiner!

Matt Theisen is an actor, teacher, and fight coordinator who once got kicked in the chest by an overeager actor, and who is currently building his own farm.

Thom Paris is producer of the Savannah Comedy Revue!

This is our season 3 finale, and what a special episode it is.  Recorded live, backstage at the world famous Bay Street Theatre, home club of Lady Chablis as well as the Savannah Comedy Revue.  This episode was recorded in a short break after a comedy show and before a wonderful transvestite burlesque show, and what wild and fun scene it was.  Everyone there was fun and gracious to be around!  Now, back to class!  Do any of these luminaries’ students have a heart, and if so, do they know anything about it???  And then, questions about a mysterious and famous rock band form the 60s and tidbits of trivia about Georgia (and, so it seems, Illinois!).  Who will shine out when all around is dark, and win themselves the coveted classroom prize, the Golden Banana?

Season 3, Episode 11

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Chris Lambert is an author, actor, comic book expert who once sang with Bad Finger (and I do mean, ONCE!).  Follow his work on-line here:

Eric Jaffe is an actor currently touring his one-man show C-, as seen here:

Recorded at the Barnes & Nobles in Mentor (thanks Chad!).  It is comic book expert Chris Lambert versus actor and computer engineer Eric Jaffe (no relation!).  One of them may actually be a living fossil, if either of them can figure out what a living fossil is!  And when Mel Brooks portrayed Governor William J. Le Petomane in Blazing Saddles, his character’s name was an homage to famous Moulan Rouge performer—does anybody remember this famous old-timer!  If they do, maybe they will win today’s coveted classroom prize, the Golden Banana!

Season 3, Episode 10

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Dr. Zane Johnson is an Associate Professor of Biology at Lake Erie College.

Mark Riccadonna is a comedian actor and storyteller whose biggest influence is quizmaster Donnie Smith.

Steve Fielder is an actor, comedian, and fire performer.  He runs the CLE Improv troop.  Find him on Facebook:

A great group of students gathered during the blizzard of ’15 to answer questions about animal science, celebrity gossip, and Viking lore.  Are any of my students listening at home diurnal, and if so, are you diurnal enough to win the coveted classroom prize, the Golden Banana?

Season 3, Episode 9

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Kevin Downey Jr is touring comedian and radio host who has recently appeared on Fox’s Red Eye.  Visit his Facebook page:

Jon Huff does comedy and radio in the Youngstown area.  More on him here:

Dan brown is expanding his comedy empire, touring everywhere and headlining nerd comedy shows.  Visit his website:

Recorded at the famous Mojo’s Comedy Cellar in Youngstown, Ohio.  These students have to deal with solar weather and movie villains.  Do you know who the American Film Institute voted the number 1 villain in American film history?  If you do, maybe YOU could win the coveted classroom prize, the Golden banana!

Season 3, Episode 8

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Dr. Jonathan Chambers is a Professor in the Department of Theatre and Film at Bowling Green State University, where he also serves as the director of Graduate Studies. Also, along with his wife Sara Lipinski Chambers, Jonathan founded the independent theatre company Broken Spectacle Productions, which works to bring to northwest Ohio theatre that is fun, surprising, and thought-provoking.

Jake Dickey is famous magician and comedian who lives in North West Ohio.  Find him on Facebook at <>.

Jared Gill is a well respected funny man about town in the Bowling Green area.  He facebooks at:  <>

These student’s are a classroom full of asterisks!  “What is with the number two?” has a very different meaning in this context.  And if anyone knows what an “ampersand” is they may win today’s Nerd Prize!  As astronomy nerds, we all love Mars and Venus,  but what do you know about them?  And if anyone can get their head out of their asterisk they will win the coveted classroom prize, the Golden Banana.  Recorded live at Grumpy Dave’s in Bowling Green!

Season 3, Episode 7

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Who is Chris Clem? A straight white male who writes and performs comedy. Don’t we have enough of them? Yes. But this one is 6’5” and 260 lbs of pure twisted steel and sex appeal, baby. His credits? He has been a guest on the Bob and Tom radio show (like many other comics) and his podcast on iTunes was ranked in the top five in the Professional Sports category in spring 2015 (like many other comics, although his is probably the only one devoted solely to the Cleveland Cavaliers.) He loves his wife, comic books, and professional wrestling (in that order). @chris_clem on twitter,,,

Michael Ivy is a well-respected Cleveland comedian known for his ability to succeed on any type of comedy show.  He is also “good at speelnig.”  Find him on facebook:

Mark Colella is well-respected comic writer in the Cleveland area and 7-time retired stand up.  He is also on Facebook at:

A special episode recorded at the famous Beachwood Ballroom in Cleveland, OH.  These are some top-notch learned (ie nerdy) students, and the Nerd Prize will definitely be up for grab!  We have fun testing this class on topics like world population statistics, space utilization, and truly true originals of the superstitions related to Friday the 13th.  And, in the end, only one can receive the coveted classroom prize, the Golden Banana.

Season 3, Episode 6

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Rob Speer graduated from second city's conservatory in 2012, and is a touring standup and person, that's about it.  Find Rob at @rob_speer

Brandon Stroud is a Conceptual Artist from Cleveland creating work based in metaphysics and the occult.  Visit his website to be amazed

Christine Marie "Pick up lines and conspiracy theories wrapped in sparkling purple glitter." She cruises the country in a bubbly blue saturn with her partner in comedy Rob Speer as The His & Hers Burritos Tour. You can follow her at @Errantdamsel on twitter, or find my production company at

For students who come here for the nerd trivia and stay for the comedy, this class turned out to be spectacularly satisfying.  Who climbed to the top of what mountain?  If Ouija boards were real, maybe Ouija could tell, but since they are NOT real what can these students tell their teacher about where they came from?  And, can Ouija predict who will earn the coveted classroom prize, The Golden Banana?

Season 3, Episode 5

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Dan Brown Is that rare combination, comedian-banker.  Look him up on Facebook:

TM Francis is a Comic from Cleveland.  Follow him on twitter at:

Chris Lambert began writing for the Cleveland rock and roll newspaper, The Scene, at the age of 15, as well as The Herald and contributing to the VH1, "Behind the Music" series on the episode- "The Tragic Story of Badfinger."
He also contributed to the best seller, Superman at Fifty. He has numerous other publications, both fiction and non-fiction.  As an actor, he tours his one-man show about Orson Welles.  You can follow his career on Facebook at:

This class includes three high-powered panelists:  world-renowned Superman expert Chris Lambert, Batman aficionado Dan Brown, and Lethargic Zen Master TM Francis.  Recorded at the Barnes & Nobles in Mentor, these three wits battle over topics such as science fiction trivia, Native American vocabulary, and the true truly real history of Satanism.  This episode includes an unprecedented multiple Nerd Prize winner, but who will drop enough knowledge to earn the coveted classroom prize, The Golden Banana.

Season 3, Episode 4

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Samantha Hale was Born and raised in Los Angeles, Samantha Hale is following in the comedic footsteps of her grandfather, Alan Hale Jr., best known as The Skipper from Gilligan's Island. She is currently working on recording her first live stand up comedy album. You have seen her on "Laughs" on FOX, and she is the Co-Host of "The Pandora Boxx Show" on UBN Radio.
Twitter: @thesamanthahale instagram: @thesamanthahale

Joe Deuce is a comedian from Lexington, KY who has been seen on "Laughs" on Fox and can be heard 5 days a week on Z Rock 103 and Hot 1025 in Lexington. Links to all his social media and upcoming shows can be found at!

Mihkel Teemant is a writer, comedian, and podcaster originally from Las Vegas, NV. His podcast "MT Thoughts" can be found on iTunes. He now resides in the Seattle area. For dates, other projects, and social media links go to

This episode is a very special episode!  It is the first of two recorded at the MidWestFest Comedy Festival shows held at the Laughing Derby in Louisville, Ky in Summer of 2015.  All of our guest students were stand out performers at the Festival and happily entered the Gold Star Classroom, even though they didn’t quite know what to expect.  Well, what they got were a series of challenging questions about various dangers in life, including sharks, lightning, Andre the Giant, and most frightening of all, marriage!  What we got was a delightful and lively episode, in which one of these hilarious freshman won the coveted classroom prize,  The Golden Banana?

Season 3, Episode 3

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Arthur Chu—Voiceover artist, stage actor, freelance writer, public speaker, professional pot-stirrer and opinion-haver, and 11-time jeopardy champion.  Visit his website:

Cami Blanchard—professional horse and barn mamanager, comedian and actor.  Vist her Facebook page:

Eliza Blair—children’s author currently creati/ng the next great American novel. 

Your humble professor is excited to have back Jeopardy champion Arthur Chu.  With such an accomplished Master in class, it means the teacher has to work hard to make it as challenging as possible.  We wrestled with history with the true origin of the American flag and we tackled the now, with a review of the most recent words added to the dictionary.  Is it a foregone conclusion Arthur will win the coveted classroom prize The Golden Banana, or with the new Nerd Prize in play is there hope for of the other students to excel???

Season 3, Episode 2

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Dr. Jerry Graham Jr. is a five-time WWA World Tag Team Champion. In his career he has crossed paths with many stars including Dick The Bruiser, Don Kent, The Great Wojo, BoBo Brazil, The Sheik and Andre the Giant. He loves to hear from fans at his Facebook page <> and you can find an audio book of his memoirs here: <>.

Tom Hofbauer is a comedian and filmmaker.  He was the director of IN THE COMPANY OF STRANEGRS (2001) and cinematographer for the Oscar-nominated TWIST OF FAITH (2004).  You can visit his website,, and find him on Facebook.

Steve Sabo is a veteran comedian known as the caffeinated voice of reason for his aggressive and honest approach to comedy. (

This episode brings back three of our most popular past students for a head-to-head you will never forget!  We all know of course that the word Aryan refers to some bad bad people, but where does the world originally come from?  And, this episode was recorded in Toledo, Oh, but do my students at home know which presidents are from Ohio?  How about these students??  Will any of these giants be intellectual enough to win the coveted classroom prize, The Golden Banana?

Season 3, Episode 1

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Don Jamieson is the co-host of VH-1’s THAT METAL SHOW.  Visit his comedy home page here:

Keith Bergman is the dad at the PTA meeting in the Iron Maiden t-shirt. Twitter: KeithBBergman,

Joe Howard is a comedian and gentleman in Cleveland, known for his appearances on THAT METAL SHOW.  Visit his Facebook page:

Welcome to the launch of Season 3 of Goldstar Classroom! My producing partner Steve and I began this podcast in the summer of 2013 we had no idea we’d still be making these!! After a short hiatus we are ready to go! This season includes a new feature called “the nerd prize” and some expanded features to our website. We begin with a class that includes topics such as “Who was the first man in space?” and “Was that man really the first man in space?” and also an old chestnut: “Why are barns red?” (The real answer to which requires an understanding of astrophysics!). One of these students will win the coveted classroom prize, THE GOLDEN BANANA.



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